For a hotel to operate in Thailand, the owner needs to obtain a license. It can be a daunting and time-consuming process, but hiring the services of a professional company can save you the hassles and ensure the process of obtaining the license is smooth and easy for you.

Before you begin the process of obtaining the license, make sure you are aware of the following information:

  • As soon as you have rented one room of your hotel, the acquisition of the hotel license becomes a necessity.
  • If a residential building has four rooms and customers below the number of 20, it does not need to apply for a hotel license. However, it is necessary to inform the office beforehand as they will personally visit the place to verify the claim and classify it accordingly.

Classification of Hotel Licenses

Hotel licenses in Thailand can be classified into four different types and the different fee is charges on each classification.

  • 20,000 THB is the prescribed application fee for hotel & restaurant business.
  • 10,000 THB is the prescribed application fee for a hotel business with maximum 50 rooms.
  • 30,000 THB is the prescribed application fee for a hotel, restaurant, and seminar rooms.
  • 40,000 THB is the prescribed application fee for a hotel, restaurant, seminar rooms, and entertainment business.

An additional 80 THB per room is charged annually.

Documents Required for Obtaining the License

Following documents are required for the purpose of obtaining the license for any hotel to operate its business in Thailand.

  • Construction permit
  • Map of the interior
  • Landlord documents
  • Map of the location
  • Important company’s documents

Steps for Obtaining the License

The following steps need to be followed for obtaining a hotel license in Thailand.

  • An application is to be submitted to the district office for obtaining the construction license. It should be requested by an architect or the engineer.
  • Another application is submitted to the provincial office. The application from thereon will be transferred to the authorities of health, environment, and construction.
  • The concerned authorities will approve the hotel building after thorough inspection and verification.
  • The license will be issued if no objection is found and the authorities are satisfied with the inspection and verification.

Note: The process on a whole can take about 6 months.

Some other important information that you need to know if you are looking to file an application for obtaining a hotel license in Thailand includes:

  • The license should be renewed after every 5 years. Half price of the government fee will have to be borne by the hotel owner.
  • Only a Thai director can sign the concerned application and documents related to the acquisition of hotel license.
  • As per the Thai law, the hotel must employ at least one manager for ensuring smooth operations of the hotel.
  • In case an existing hotel business is being overtaken by another individual, the license has to be transferred in the name of new owner. For a secure transition of the license, the fingerprints will be taken of the new director. The process of transfer of the hotel license includes no government fees.